Fraud is a global industry. Fraudsters are devious. They cross borders, cover their tracks and create trusts to conceal assets. But however complex unravelling a fraud is, our aims are re-assuringly simple: investigate the matter, locate your money or your assets, and return them. For the simple reason: “What’s yours is yours”.

Our weapons of choice are the order and the injunction. They are the game changers without which assets can be moved and evidence destroyed. We know how to convince judges to grant them.

We can then pursue fraudsters across jurisdictions care of the global nature of our network. IFG lawyers are expert in the use of cross-border piggyback injunctions specifically for this purpose.

We can shine a light on trusts which fraudsters have created, find out who is pulling the strings and expose their sham structures.

We can track the electronic movement of money and, with an order, compel the institution that has handled it to tell us where it has gone. If it is still there, we will freeze it.

Our approach is unapologetically forceful. When your assets have been stolen, you want lawyers who will work 24/7 to get them back. But besides speed and precision, asset recovery is about connections. Not only via our own network but with other investigators, with the courts and with police forces. These relationships mean we can secure bespoke orders for freezing assets, and seizing and preserving evidence. Fast. So that once again what’s yours is yours.