Earl Rivera-Dolera

Earl Rivera-Dolera

Head of International Arbitration Practice

+84 28 3824 2733

Earl Rivera-Dolera is the Head of International Arbitration Practice, Frasers Law Company, Vietnam. She acts as a counsel and an arbitrator.

Earl has been appointed as an arbitrator in cases with various seats of arbitration including Singapore, India, Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong, among others. These concern a wide range of commercial disputes subject to different governing laws – of both common and civil legal systems. She is listed as an arbitrator at the Singapore International Arbitration Center, Korean Commercial Arbitration Board, Japan Commercial Arbitration Association, Asian Center for International Arbitration in Malaysia, HKIAC (Hong Kong), CAAI (Hong Kong / Taiwan) and THAC (Thailand) and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and Singapore Institute of Arbitrators.

Earl has acted as a counsel, court secretary and has advised as an expert in arbitration proceedings. She has been involved in arbitral proceedings seated in Asia, Africa, Europe, United States, and Australia in a Singapore-based arbitration chambers with prominent international arbitrators under the auspices of ICC, SIAC, LCIA, KLRCA, SCMA, AMTAC, HKIAC, VIAC , ICDR / AAA, BANI, ICSID and ad hoc arbitrations with total claims of around US $ 7.2 billion. She has had experience in various capacities in more than 170 arbitrations under the rules of major arbitral institutions.