Jason Karas

Jason Karas is the Managing Partner of Karas So LLP. He specialises in the investigation, litigation and resolution of complex commercial, financial and insolvency disputes, involving some of the most sophisticated global corporations.

Jason practices principally in professional negligence in financial and commercial matters, company law and cross-border insolvency throughout the Asia Pacific region and internationally. A leading international corporate litigator and advocate, he is renowned for his tenacity, commercial acumen and stamina.

He has particular expertise litigating large-scale claims involving professional advisers (including directors, auditors and bankers duties), shareholder remedies, governance and regulatory disputes and the identification and tracing of stolen assets.

Over the last two decades, Jason has managed multi-jurisdictional investigations and litigation arising from some of the largest and most complex corporate collapses around the world, including Bond Corporation, Bell Group, HIH Insurance, Akai Holdings, Moulin Global, Carlyle Capital, the Kingate (Madoff feeder) Funds, Memory Tech, 3D Gold, Ocean Grand, Orient Power, China Medical Technologies, Bank Century, China Forestry, Platinum Funds and 1MDB.

Jason is also a trusted adviser to corporate clients, general counsel, investment and hedge funds and family offices. Jason has also been at the forefront of the development of the dispute financing industry.

In 2013, Jason was one of the first lawyers in Hong Kong to be granted Higher Rights of Audience for civil proceedings and is frequently in the High Court, Companies Court and Court of Appeal, conducting hearings as Solicitor Advocate.