Kevin Hellard

Kevin has over 30 years’ experience of contentious insolvency investigating corruption, fraud, misfeasance, professional negligence, and asset tracing across multiple jurisdictions.  He leads Grant Thornton UK’s Insolvency and asset recovery practice and the firm’s Offshore Business which brings experts together in all major onshore and offshore financial centres in order to ensure the firm has structured connectivity to be best placed to deliver on large onshore/offshore engagements and deliver truly innovative solutions to their clients, including but not limited to funding options, the firm’s own litigation fund, corporate intelligence and director services.

Kevin is routinely appointed by lawyers, government and other regulatory agencies, and significant creditors both in the UK and globally over structures that have suffered losses caused by corruption, fraud or malpractice.  He has been instructed by governments to investigate corruption of previous regimes and the tracing, recovery and repatriation of misappropriated assets.  He has given evidence in court on numerous occasions as office holder of companies, who are the victim fraud.  He has presented internationally on corruption and asset tracing, with several articles published on these subjects.

Kevin is immediate Past president of the Insolvency Practitioners Association, the leading regulator of Insolvency activity in the UK.