Cohen Amir-Aslani


Since its founding 40 years ago, Cohen Amir-Aslani has been regarded as a leading Paris based internationally oriented law firm with areas of expertise covering a wide array of fields including, corporate finance, litigation, arbitration, insurance, international public and private law and estate planning for high net worth individuals. The firm regularly provides its services to banks, sovereign States, multinational corporations and transnational industrial concerns.


Ardavan Amir-Aslani is the head of the international practice of the firm. He represents a number of sovereign States and organizations across the globe. On a regular basis, he represents clients before international jurisdictions and arbitration tribunals. He has developed an expertise in the implementation and management of multijurisdictional disputes, notably in relation to the recovery of misappropriated or embezzled assets, recovery of jumbo liabilities for banks and institutions, and litigation arising from anti-bribery statutes.