Denevan Falon Joyce Law Firm Prof LLC

USA (South Dakota)

Denevan Falon Joyce was founded in 2020 and focuses on trust and estate litigation, administration and planning as well as business litigation, guardianships, conservatorships and vulnerable adult protection.  South Dakota continues to increase its presence both nationally and internationally as a sought-after trust situs, in turn, Denevan Falon Joyce’s practice now serves fiduciaries and beneficiaries the world over including Asia, Australia, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman Islands, Israel, Jersey Islands and South America.


Corey Denevan

Founding Partner


Corey has twenty years of experience representing clients in state and federal courts within the United States and in cases abroad. He has handled disputes ranging from the modest to the massive that involved multi-billion-dollar enterprises. Through these experiences he has cultivated relationships with experienced trustees, investors, attorneys, accountants, actuaries, insurance specialists, valuation experts and other professionals to create a successful team.

The primary focus of Corey’s practice involves trust and estate disputes. Recently, he defended a South Dakota sited trust from a foreign creditor claim in a landmark decision for South Dakota asset protection laws. Matter of Cleopatra Cameron Gift Trust, 931 N.W.2d 244 (2019). Corey has been successful in litigating numerous interstate jurisdiction and choice of law disputes, fraudulent conveyances, alter-ego claims, breach of fiduciary duty claims and fraud claims; some of which have been reported in the Wall Street Journal, Panama Papers and other publications.