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At Ius+Aequitas we are firmly committed to the defense of human rights, labor regulations, the environment, and the fight against corruption, and in coherence with our principles and values, we are members of the United Nations (Global Compact) and in compliance with the commitments assumed with this organization, we present our annual social responsibility report. All the members of the firm are aware of the work and responsibility involved in the practice of law, which is why we are constantly changing and evolving in order to play an active role in the development of society. Our Code of Ethics reflects our values and our commitment to civil society. For all these reasons, we are proud to be a firm: That puts people first. In order to offer the best service to our clients, we must first be responsible with our team, encouraging policies that promote a better work-life balance for our lawyers.

Insolvency Contacts

Elena López Sánchez

Senior Associate

+34 915 914 291

I am a Senior Associate at Ius Aequitas Trial Lawyers’ Insolvency team focused on Bankruptcy procedures and corporate restructurings. My main projects concern insolvent companies’ preparation for filing for an insolvency procedure, working as an insolvency practitioner and advisory on corporate restructuring.

With a Master’s degree in European Law by the Institute of European Studies (Brussels), and practising as a trilingual (English, French and Spanish) lawyer, I regularly work as an Insolvency Administrator, appointed by Courts of commerce to assist with companies declared insolvent. I usually deal in different sectors, from construction to tourism, from food industry to textile and design, dealing with different scenarios from liquidation to refinancing of company’s activity.  A wide scope of my work encompasses current advisory to companies on ways to refinance their business in compliance with respective legal regulations, information obligations arising there from, relations with the creditors, the regulator and the investors and all issues that may arise in relation thereto.  On a daily basis I deal as well with corporate restructurings and ongoing corporate advisory for both private and public entities.