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At Ius+Aequitas we are firmly committed to the defense of human rights, labor regulations, the environment, and the fight against corruption, and in coherence with our principles and values, we are members of the United Nations (Global Compact) and in compliance with the commitments assumed with this organization, we present our annual social responsibility report. All the members of the firm are aware of the work and responsibility involved in the practice of law, which is why we are constantly changing and evolving in order to play an active role in the development of society. Our Code of Ethics reflects our values and our commitment to civil society. For all these reasons, we are proud to be a firm: That puts people first. In order to offer the best service to our clients, we must first be responsible with our team, encouraging policies that promote a better work-life balance for our lawyers.

White Collar Crime & Investigations Contacts

Carolina González de la Fuente
+34 915 914 291

Carolina specialises in white collar crime, money laundering, corporate compliance, and penitentiary law. Since 2005, she has conducted criminal litigation of all kinds, and has also specialised in Prison Law, Corporate Compliance and Money Laundering. In recent years she has focused her career almost exclusively on Economic Criminal law and has been frequently involved with the media, both as a consultant and as a live speaker on legal talk shows, providing her views on relevant current criminal proceedings.