WIDEN – the Legal Jazz Company.

WIDEN is a full-service Baltic law firm of 100+ legal professionals with offices in all Baltic capitals dedicated to providing you with first-class experience by optimising your company’s time, effort and financial investments into legal solutions. To put it simply, we specialise in delivering a peace of mind in a fast, client-friendly and more enjoyable way.

The Legal Jazz Company has the meaning of focusing on two values. First, mastery in the craft of law – forward-thinking expertise. Second, mastery in the arts of teamwork and listening to the client – to give the client the best possible client experience.

WIDEN offers legal services in more than 40 practices and sectors.


Urmas is a founder of Lextal and one of the most valued transactional, advisory and restructuring specialists in Estonia. Over 25 years of practice, he has representing clients in many significant transactions and projects, often those including distressed aspects. Urmas has been a member of Estonian Bar Qualification Committee for 20 years and Chairman for 10 years, and has been awarded Attorney of the Year 2014 in the Organisation Category by the Bar Association for his work in Qualification Committee. In the firm, Urmas is responsible for coordination of Pan-Baltic cooperation, as well as for International Relations.

Olavi-Juri is a sworn attorney with more than 20 years of experience advising and representing clients in complex litigation, insurance law, tort law, forensics and financial services regulatory matters. Olavi is the author of several scientific publications, as well as a lecturer of insurance and tort law, author of several books on insurance law and dozens of scientific articles. Olavi-Juri is a highly regarded insurance law lecturer.

Olavi Juri has successfully participated in the resolution of several important and complex insurance disputes. He has represented several insurance companies and has drafted many insurance terms and conditions as a barrister.

Olavi-Juri is the only one in Estonia who has defended his doctoral dissertation in the field of insurance law. He has extensive experience in advising and representing clients in matters related to the investigation of complex economic crimes.