Lextal is one of the leading full service business law firms in the Baltics. During the last decade, its network of offices spread to cover the three Baltic countries: Estonia (Tallinn), Latvia (Riga) and Lithuania (Vilnius). Functioning in a rapidly developing environment, Lextalis a forceful and innovative company. The firm’s treasured clients benefit from the rich diversity of experience, talents, languages and cultures that make Lextal’s lawyers particularly adaptable and resourceful. The complete coverage of the region means that Lextalcan offer customized solutions, which perfectly fit any given industry, jurisdiction and client. The company has an outstanding track record of getting deals done with their result-oriented can-do approach. The firm’s reputation being built on volumes of successful work, Lextalsteps into the future with a mind open for challenges. Lextalis a member of Unilaw (an international group of independent law firms) and of TELFA (The Trans European Law Firms Alliance: an international alliance of independent law firms established in 1989, the member firms comprise more than 700 lawyers throughout Europe).


Urmas is a founder of Lextal and one of the most valued transactional, advisory and restructuring specialists in Estonia. Over 25 years of practice, he has representing clients in many significant transactions and projects, often those including distressed aspects. Urmas has been a member of Estonian Bar Qualification Committee for 20 years and Chairman for 10 years, and has been awarded Attorney of the Year 2014 in the Organisation Category by the Bar Association for his work in Qualification Committee. In the firm, Urmas is responsible for coordination of Pan-Baltic cooperation, as well as for International Relations.

PhD Olavi-Jüri, who is a partner at Lextal, has vast experience in advising and representing clients in cases related to the investigation and resolution of complicated international economic crimes and assets recovery. His dedicated work has led to the resignation of the minister, he has investigated one of the largest money laundering cases in the world. He also is a specialist of court actions and insurance law with extensive experience. He is a recognised university lecturer of insurance law. Many major insurance disputes have been solved with his participation, also he has investigated major insurance frauds.