WIDEN – the Legal Jazz Company.

WIDEN is a full-service Baltic law firm of 100+ legal professionals with offices in all Baltic capitals dedicated to providing you with first-class experience by optimising your company’s time, effort and financial investments into legal solutions. To put it simply, we specialise in delivering a peace of mind in a fast, client-friendly and more enjoyable way.

The Legal Jazz Company has the meaning of focusing on two values. First, mastery in the craft of law – forward-thinking expertise. Second, mastery in the arts of teamwork and listening to the client – to give the client the best possible client experience.

WIDEN offers legal services in more than 40 practices and sectors.

Arbitration Contacts

Magnus is an attorney with more than 10 years of litigation experience in commercial and insolvency matters. His extensive experience as a bankruptcy trustee has made him a valued asset in advising clients in intricate cross-border clawback and asset-tracking cases. His ability to present complicated problems clearly and concisely has garnered recognition among his clients, judges and colleagues.