Lextal is one of the leading full service business law firms in the Baltics. During the last decade, its network of offices spread to cover the three Baltic countries: Estonia (Tallinn), Latvia (Riga) and Lithuania (Vilnius). Functioning in a rapidly developing environment, Lextalis a forceful and innovative company. The firm’s treasured clients benefit from the rich diversity of experience, talents, languages and cultures that make Lextal’s lawyers particularly adaptable and resourceful. The complete coverage of the region means that Lextalcan offer customized solutions, which perfectly fit any given industry, jurisdiction and client. The company has an outstanding track record of getting deals done with their result-oriented can-do approach. The firm’s reputation being built on volumes of successful work, Lextalsteps into the future with a mind open for challenges. Lextalis a member of Unilaw (an international group of independent law firms) and of TELFA (The Trans European Law Firms Alliance: an international alliance of independent law firms established in 1989, the member firms comprise more than 700 lawyers throughout Europe).

White Collar Crime & Investigations Contacts

Oliver is a renowned criminal disputes lawyer, who undertakes high-profile white collar crime mandates. He has been ranked as one of the best Dispute Resolution attorneys in Estonia. He has been listed as a Notable Practitioner by Chambers & Partners and The Leading Individual by Legal 500. He focuses on white collar crime cases, but also works on defamation cases.