Moroglu Arseven


Moroğlu Arseven is an independent, full service law firm with broad expertise and experience in business law, including complex business transactions and white collar matters. Based in Istanbul, the firm’s reputation as a hands-on and trusted advisor has allowed Moroğlu Arseven to establish long-term and strong relationship with clients from around the world, representing a wide range of sizes and industries.

The firm delivers clear and understandable advice, taking into account business and commercial considerations, in addition to all legal aspects involved. It supports the Turkish operations of multinational companies and local companies alike. Clients benefit from a proactive and reality-based approach to fraud and white-collar crime advice during daily corporate counselling as well as representation in criminal and civil cases with complex issues or heavy liabilities.

Turkey is following in the footsteps of international counterparts in preventing and fighting fraud at a legislative level, as well as within the business community. Companies operating in Turkey face unique challenges in this respect, within a developing legal and business environment.

Against this background, Moroğlu Arseven provides clients with practical and pragmatic solutions, as well as supports assessment and execution of strategically important decisions, often in cross-border contexts. The firm’s lawyers are experienced in interpreting and applying FCPA, UKBA and other local or international fraud-related legislation, as these apply to clients. Particular attention is paid to ensuring clients’ strategies and policies are compliant and cost-efficient, while also meet legal frameworks and good practices at a local and international level.

The firm supports clients with a wide range of services, including policy making, drafting, developing and tailoring compliance programs, as well as providing legal support in a coordinated manner (with in-house teams, external counsels, or consultants in different jurisdictions) during investigations and employee interrogations. Other services include establishing training programs, as well as conducting due diligence and dawn raid style activities to identify risks related to bribery, fraud and corruption. An experienced team of lawyers conducts compliance due diligence reviews during M&A transactions. Risk assessments and compliance reviews consider clients’ wider industry context and legal obligations, both within and beyond Turkey’s borders. The firm regularly supports large multinational clients with localizing their policies, operational processes and structures to meet Turkish regulatory requirements.

Shipping Contacts

Burak supports clients with all aspects of dispute resolution, ranging from the evolving stages, through to representing clients in court or enforcing court decisions.

He has broad experience in assisting clients to deal with conflicts arising from commercial, agency and distribution arrangements, insurance and liability claims, debt collection, bankruptcy as well as restructuring matters. He frequently assists in cross-border contexts, or in disputes involving high values, complex liability issues, or heavy penalties.

Burak’s advice covers a broad range of issues, including corporate and commercial disputes, contractual claims, directors’ liability, conflict of interest, professional negligence, as well as business crimes. He works closely with clients to develop tailored strategies to de-escalate or resolve their conflicts, as well as negotiate practical solutions. He focuses on each dispute’s background and dynamics, as well as each client’s broader operational and industry context.

Burak’s experience spans all stages and types of disputes, having represented clients before all levels of national courts and arbitral tribunals, as well as during related judicial procedures. He supports clients to use a range of tools to settle their disputes and retrieve or protect their assets, such as proactive settlement negotiations, or obtaining interim injunctions and precautionary attachment orders.

Burak supports a broad range of domestic and international companies, most notably in the insurance, electronics, retail, industrial and manufacturing, tobacco and electricity sectors. His background also includes advising on a full range of maritime issues, such as cargo losses and damages, impoundments, charter party disputes, and other issues.

In 2016, Burak worked as a Visiting Foreign Lawyer at WilmerHale, one of the largest dispute-focused practices in London. During this time, he was involved in developing arbitration-focused materials for the International Arbitration Practice Group.

Burak is a member of INSOL Europe.