Stanbrook Prudhoe

Turks and Caicos Islands

Stanbrook Prudhoe’s focus on complex and often cross-border representations. They often work on projects with overseas co-counsel and General Counsel teams and, like them, want to get to the heart of the issue as quickly as possible. Prudhoe Caribbean are most often deployed in the context of Central America and the Caribbean, but are used to working as part of a time-sensitive project spread across many parts of the globe. This includes developing and implementing judgment enforcement and other asset recovery projects in conjunction with multiple jurisdictions.


Tim Prudhoe founded his own disputes specialist law firm in the Turks and Caicos Islands (“TCI”) in 2018 nearly two decades since his admission in that jurisdiction and with an intervening period based in Bermuda as well as almost a decade with the New York based disputes law firm Kobre & Kim. With a background in insolvency, asset recovery and cross-border enforcement, Tim continues to work across most of the Caribbean Region and also well beyond that from his TCI base. In addition to England & Wales and the TCI, Tim is admitted in Belize, Bermuda, the BVI, the Dubai International Financial Centre Court, Gibraltar, Grenada, Saint Vincent and Trinidad. His is the first Insolvency Practitioner license in the TCI under recent (2019) insolvency legislation closely following that of the British Virgin Islands.